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Being a Temporary Visitor in Today’s America

The excitement of moving abroad has the potential to stifle any concerns about the economic, political or social situation of your new home. Thinking about the simple things that seem like impossible tasks will occupy your every waking moment – things like how to sign a lease without a credit score or keeping your phone battery alive long enough to navigate the subway home before you discover that everyone around you uses phone cases that charge their phones – and this separates you from the lives of the people who have always lived here.
The feeling of love for New York never goes away, but is interrupted frequently and without warning by the reality of modern day American life. The high salaries and the crazy nightlife are one part of it – the political upset, discrimination and economic disparity are another.
You are at times, an unwelcome visitor
The first time I learned about gentrification, I was in a conversation with a friend who described to me the situation of the Dublin dock…

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