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What I’ve Learned About Cannabis Since January 2018

The odd thing about working in communications consulting is that you have to be the absolute expert on whatever industry your clients operate in. In my career so far, I’ve obtained an incomprehensible amount of knowledge about the hospitality, tech, pharma and agri-business sectors, that seems a little futile and useless when the client moves on or when I move on. But then I get new clients and suddenly I have a whole new world to immerse myself in.
Currently, I’m doing a large amount of PR work within the US cannabis industry. This is a compilation of interesting points I’ve learned about within the last few months that will probably, someday, be utterly useless to me except for informing my own consumption habits. Some industries I only learn about for the sake of the client, other industries I get personally invested in because they truly make me a believer – and the case of the cannabis industry has definitely been the latter.
It’s not all the same
Even beyond experiencing some ‘goo…

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