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Happy 2018, People: How the Reputation of Social Justice has Reversed

The feminist movement has always been fractured. In the beginning, groups of women opposed it, fearing they would be called on to fight in wars and to leave their children. To this day, feminists are those who want equality – but also those who want to support what they view as a female way of life. Basic principles of reputation management advocate that there is a trickledown effect in place when it comes to the opinions of key ambassadors. What the top believes, in most cases, so does everybody else. We place certain people on pedestals and say – surely they know what they’re talking about?  Similar to the world of social influencers who tell us how to get rid of acne, or what books to read, or alert us to sales in our favourite shops, we have listened to influencers in boardrooms and in city hall about culture and politics.
From its inception, feminism has alienated the powerful. Political and business influencers were never going to be our ambassadors, because they are most likely t…

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