In The Mass Media We Trust

It’s Monday, October 30th, and the news about Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual assaults and abuses broke the evening before.
He’s the next Harvey Weinstein, in this brand new world of powerful men experiencing consequences. Within 24hrs, his entire career and persona will have imploded.

Up until now, he has been one of the Hollywood celebrities held up by the leftists and progressivists as a sort of ambassador in North America, spearheading justice through his reach of a mass audience. Is it any wonder, then, that a clear and objective headline is nowhere in sight? The entire story is that Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault on a minor, and released a statement apologizing for this, saying that he didn’t remember the incident, blaming alcohol and then also coming out as gay.

Perception of truth in today’s world means that reporters don’t have to lie to be untruthful, they simply have to give their own version of events. Even the objective articles could be labeled as editorial opinion pieces. Despite the problematic approach taken by Kevin Spacey of associating assault of a young boy with being secretly gay, as though the two go hand-in-hand in a stereotype that they LGBTQ community have been fighting against for decades, mass media focused on aspects of the story that suited them, creating bias amongst their readers. Headlines generally divided into three separate camps –

Kevin Spacey apologizes for inappropriate behavior, comes out as gay

In this media angle, the leftist mass media is typically hesitant about tearing down an ambassador of theirs, so they lead with the fact that Spacey has apologized, making the assault secondary, old news and downplaying it to inappropriate behavior. They also add that he comes out as gay, again skipping why that might be problematic.

Kevin Spacey is being criticized for statement regarding sexual assault allegation

The republic of twitter is very unhappy that the leftist mass media (above) doesn’t seem to have a problem with Spacey equating being gay to the assault of a minor. They’re mad because this form of media is typically an ally of theirs, and they now see that this is only true when their agenda matches that of the world of leftist reporters. These reporters edit the headline in number 1, to be this statement of what is currently happening on the internet – Spacey released an inappropriate statement, and people aren’t happy. Note that these outlets are still not tearing Spacey down. They’re not criticizing, they’re merely saying that he is being criticized – and there’s a difference.

Kevin Spacey assaulted 14 year old boy, comes out as gay

Now on to the right. This is the version of events that comes from the likes of Fox News – annoying, but you have to read it sometimes so that you can balance out the left. The right focusses on the worst aspects of the story, but not out of the goodness of honest reporting – rather, this fits the pro-right agenda because it’s a story about one of the leftist Hollywood elite. The assault is presented as anything but alleged, and they make an effort to link the nature of the act to the gay community while they’re at it – a win-win for them.

What’s interesting about the above three headlines, is that they switch around based on who’s being accused. Let’s not forget that Trump has been accused of assaulting, and has admitted to assaulting, 16 women, and the Fox News stories weren’t nearly as blunt as they were for Kevin Spacey. Similarly, when the Roy Moore accusations surfaced, the headlines switched around almost exactly – with the left highlighting the evil in the situation and the right playing down the crime.

In New York’s blue bubble, it can be easy to forget that even leftist media is manipulated and has the power to manipulate. Every single outlet in existence is biased to their own agenda – no matter how much CNN tries to advocate that ‘facts are facts’.

The public in the US chooses their media to consume based on their political preference, and as a result operates in a continuous echo chamber where their side keeps getting better, and their opposition keeps getting more deranged. It’s all a form of propaganda that serves to create a certain reality. The media have an immense responsibility toward truthful, unbiased reporting, which each side seems to ignore in favor of creating a world that works to the favor of their party.